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    ​  We focus on all levels of activity from the young to the

Baby Boomer Generation who is looking to maintain or start

a healthy lifestyle. Come join us and see for yourself the

special place we created just for you.            

With over 1900 square foot of space to nourish oneself with

quality education, instruction, and teachings. Our diversed

staff offers skills and knowledge that will enliven the senses

and instill well being to all of our students.

                   step by step procedure

1. Purchase the Universal Class Card voucher

2. Print the voucher and bring with you to our location at:

    1365 Triad Center Drive, St. Peters, Missouri 63376

3. Arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of class (SEE CLASSES TAB, for class times)

4. Turn in you printed voucher and you will be given a Universal Class Card and a waiver to fill out. Should not take more than 5 minutes to do.

5. You will also receive the Massage Coupon Card to keep and turn in at the time of your massage appointment. You must contact Ken at 314.575.1212 to set up the appointment.

6. The Universal Class Card will be kept in a special box. Each instructor will have this box out prior to teaching class. When you arrive, simply locate your card in the box, pull it out and check mark the class that is written on the back of the Universal Class Card. Your instructor will also initial the back of the card indicating that you have taken this class. On the back of the Universal Class Card will be a list of class offerings that you are eligible to take one time.

​7. Realizing that not every class will hold ones interest, we are allowing spouses and partners to share the Universal Class Card. Meaning, if your a male and the pre-natal Yoga or Zumba Gold does not hold any interest for you then you can allow your partner or spouse to take those classes in your place. At the same token if your a female and martial arts is not your interest then perhaps your spouse or partner will enjoy that class in your place.

8. If you truly enjoy a particular class and wish to continue in that class then your welcome to purchase the class card from your instructor or you can continue to show up and pay per session. The choice is yours to make.

9. If you have any questions contact Ken at 314.575.1212 (call or text) or shoot him an email at

Thank you for your support.


Please click on the instructors tab for up to date class schedules and changes. This will reflect when an instructor is sick or on vacation as well. Also some classes are by appointment only due to class size. please check instructors tab for instructions.

The following instructions are for existing universal card holders, as these cards are currently no longer available for purchase.



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